2133.328 – INVASION

July 10, 2017

Live from the Mimas Spectrum, Saturn Commentary: Trent Lawless Backstage/Ringside: Nitro The show opens with DARK MENACE leading SINFUL to the ring. DARK MENACE:  Listen up, cucks! I may not…

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2132.327 – SUPERNOVA

July 9, 2017

Live from Algol Double Star Arena, Perseus Commentary: Trent Lawless Backstage/Ringside: Nitro The show opens with an update on Panther Warrior. Sadly, there is no update. He is still in…

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July 8, 2017

Static. An image flickers to life. We are watching security footage from the alley behind the Deimos Intergalactic Arena.  A timestamp reads: DECEMBER 31, 2032 – 21:34 putting this footage…

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2132.325 – BIG BANG

March 6, 2017

– CHAPTER 6 –  He took a deep breath as the cruiser pulled up in front of the building and slowed to a stop.  He slowly exhaled, willing his body…

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2132.324 – BETRAYAL

March 1, 2017

Live from Flamewinds Observatory, Oseon! Two cards!  That’s all that remains in 2132!  And tonight, we will find out who will challenge for the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP at the big, end of…

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2132.323 – CIVIL WAR

February 27, 2017

Live from Ameb Arcade, Lepus! The fans are on their feet as we begin the first of the three big SuperCards to end the year!  CIVIL WAR, a single elimination…

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2132.322 – SUPERNOVA

February 20, 2017

Live from the Bird of Paradise Pavilion, Apis Apodis! The last SUPERNOVA of 2132 is here as we head towards the BIG THREE, the final SuperCards of the year for…

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2132.321 – INVASION

February 19, 2017

Live from Terronaut Towers, Nuprania! We are heading into the final few cards of 2132 and the action in the GALAXY’S FINEST™ is hitting it’s boiling point!  Some big feud…

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2132.320 – SURVIVAL

February 9, 2017

Live from the Juno Civic Auditorium, Asteroid Belt! The holovision screens around the arena flicker on and we see a nice scene in the country near a river.  A wooden…

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2132.319 – INVASION

February 7, 2017

Live from the Triton Pavilion, Neptune! It’s the last card before SURVIVAL and the Galaxy is anticipating a huge night of action as we head into the penultimate SuperCard of…

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2132.318 – SUPERNOVA

February 6, 2017

Live from the Predator’s Lair, Beta Andromedae! Tickets have been sold out for months for tonight’s event and it has shaped up to be a huge card including a monumental…

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2132.317 – INVASION

February 5, 2017

  Live from the Pirxa-Plex, Ancires! Fans, it is time for another episode of INVASION and we’ve got some HUGE matches for you including a MAIN EVENT the Galaxy has…

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