2133.340 – ROUNDUP

August 15, 2017

Live from Frontier Days Arena, Cheyenne, Wyoming! Fans have come from all across the galaxy to Cheyenne, Wyoming, home of SHAYNE.  There is no ring in the center of the…

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2133.339 – THE RECKONING – NIGHT 4

August 10, 2017

Live from the Ecliptic Arena, Libra. The excitement level of the fans across the GALAXY is at an all time high!  It is the final night of THE RECKONING and…

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2133.338 – THE RECKONING – NIGHT 3

August 8, 2017

Live from Court of Palms Pagoda, Caph, Cassiopiae. The crowd is hot as we move into NIGHT 3 of THE RECKONING!  Tonight, the focus is tag teams as every team…

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2133.337 – THE RECKONING – NIGHT 2

August 6, 2017

Live from Triton Pavilion, Neptune! The GALAXY has eagerly awaited NIGHT 2 of THE RECKONING!  NITRO is out and reminds us that all matches will be contested under TITAN DEATH…

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2133.336 – THE RECKONING – NIGHT 1

August 5, 2017

Live from Terronaut Towers, Nuprania. The arena is packed and fans are at a fevered pitch!  THE RECKONING has come!  This is THE event the GALAXY awaits every year!  4…

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2133.335 – INFERNO

August 4, 2017

Live from Vortex Arena at the Whirlpool, M51, NGC5194 We start in a darkened corner of the arena.  GUARDIAN stands addressing the camera.  Next to him are SHE DEVIL and…

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2133.334 – INVASION

August 1, 2017

Live from Pollux Starfire Arena, Gemini We begin in SLY DRURY’S office.  DRURY sits working at a desk.  A buzzer sounds. SLY DRURY:  Come in! DARK MENACE comes through the…

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2133.333 – SUPERNOVA

July 27, 2017

Live from Milky Way Cathedral, Polaris TAICHI hits the ring with LORD NEXUS and the crowd is fired up.  SINFUL is out next with DARK MENACE wearing his PlePle shirt. …

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2133.332 – INVASION

July 24, 2017

Live from Red Ice Arena, Mars. We begin in the backstage locker room area.  A door marked STORAGE opens and GIANT AZUMA comes out, sheepishly looking around and adjusting his…

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2133.331 – SUPERNOVA

July 20, 2017

Live from the Solar Flare Stadium, Mercury Commentary: Trent Lawless Backstage/Ringside: Nitro DARK MENACE leads SINFUL to the ring. DARK MENACE:  Greeting Cucks!  It is I, you humble master DARK…

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2133.330 – STORMFRONT

July 14, 2017

Live from the Hyperion Craterdome, Saturn Commentary: Trent Lawless Backstage/Ringside: Nitro The broadcast begins with PERFECT SPECIMEN addressing the camera. PERFECT SPECIMEN:  Shayne!  If you beat me tonight, you become…

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2133.329 – SUPERNOVA

July 12, 2017

Live from the Rigel Nova Pavilion, Orion Commentary: Trent Lawless Backstage/Ringside: Nitro We open backstage where FHANNA is warming up.  SKIVER approaches her from behind, definitely checking her out.  He…

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