2134.356 – INFERNO

August 8, 2018

Live from Maelstrom Solarium, The Great Nebula, Orion. BURNING HELL d. FDF TRADITION via pinfall when Bishop Hell (II) hits Climber with the Cult Cross Body Block – ** – Tank and…

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August 7, 2018

Live from the Castilex Amphitheater. The show opens with a single spotlight with Disciple of Theatre standing in it.  He holds up his hands and the arena, oddly, falls silent.…

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2134.354 – SUPERNOVA

August 6, 2018

Card 2134.354 results from Turning Moon of Saturn. Taichi d. Shann-Ra via submission with the KNEE BAR – *** – Shann-Ra dominated but Taichi turned it around for a quick victory.…

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2134.353 – INVASION

August 3, 2018

Live from Adonis Athletic Centre, Asteroid Belt! – FADE IN – Outside the arena we see the ANIMEN cruiser land. A MESSENGER rushes out to greet it. The door slides…

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2134.352 – SUPERNOVA

July 18, 2018

Live from Deimos Intergalactic Arena, Deimos – FADE IN – EYDILON is standing in the middle of the ring with a microphone. EYDILON: As GWF Commissioner, it is my ruling,…

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2134.251 – WINNER TAKE ALL

July 17, 2018

GWFPromoter.com PROUDLY PRESENTS CARD 2134.351 Live from The Castilex Amphitheater! Commentary: Trent Lawless Backstage/Ringside: Gryt TRENT LAWLESS:  Welcome fans to WINNER TAKE ALL.  Experts are already predicting that this will indeed…

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2134 Roster

July 15, 2018

Here’s the Printable Roster Page for KINGDOM COME 2134. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

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July 14, 2018

INT. OFFICE IN DRURY’S MANSION – DAY We see SHAYNE prone of the floor, a soda next to him. Floating above him, a huge HoloVision screen that shows THE DOMINION…

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2133.350 – BIG BANG

September 13, 2017

– FADE IN – We are outside the Deimos Intergalactic Arena as fans stream in for the biggest event in the GALAXY…BIG BANG! NITRO is standing by on the red…

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2133.349 – CIVIL WAR

September 7, 2017

Live from Umbriel Sky Dome, Uranus! – FADE IN – 27,389 fans are jam packed into the area, a record setting crowd for this venue. Tonight, all the action is…

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2133.348 – BETRAYAL

September 1, 2017

2133.348 – BETRAYAL 12.01.2133 from Mizar Solarsphere, Ursa Major – WELCOME TO BETRAYAL – SLY DRURY is out with FHANNA and he welcomes the fans to BETRAYAL. He announces that…

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2133.347 – SUPERNOVA

August 29, 2017

Live from the River’s End Spectrum, Acamar, Erdanus! Scorn vs. Elina Scorn defeated Elina with a pinfall after BURNING SCORN Match Rating: 3.00 Match Notes: ELINA was never on offense though…

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