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CARD 2128.224 – BETRAYAL

From Arcturus Parthenon, Bootes

EURITAR welcomes fans to tonight’s SuperCard.  They welcome him with a stirring round of boos.  He announces that because the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP is vacant, tonight 8 men will battle to decide the two men who will face each other at the final SuperCard of the year, BIG BANG.  He announces that all matches will be no DQ or Countout and reiterates his position that every time Paralyze wrestles, he will be defending the INTERPLANETARY CHAMPIONSHIP.  Keeping his statement brief, he sends it down to ringside.

Gryt d. Tauran via submission with the STRONGMAN’S STRETCH – ** – A quick one here, GRYT gets a fast win and leaves the ring yelling to anyone that’ll listen that tonight is his night!

Bex d. Hector, The Holy Brown Bear via submission with Ground Zero – **** – BEX comes to the ring to the adoring cheers of the Black Death fans, which is the entire arena.  He easily dispatches of HECTOR and is stands soaking in the adulation.  He nods and begins to leave.

As BEX exits, SUR makes his way to the ring for his match.  The stop briefly at look at each other.  BEX smirks and continues on.  SUR makes his way to the ring.

Paralyze d. Sur via pinfall after HEART TRANSPLANT – ***** – Wow, fans.  What.  A.  Match.  SUR demolished PARALYZE in this one, just demolished him.  In the final moments, THE LEVELER, that had been standing motionless at ringside, sprung to life and shot a bolt behind the referee’s back, hitting SUR.  PARALYZE, hit his finisher out of nowhere and covered him and gets the win.  PARALYZE keeps the CHAMPIONSHIP and moves on to the semi-finals.

The BLACK DEATH crowd was furious!  Throwing things at THE LEVELER as he carried PARALYZE from the ring.  SUR was livid!

UltraMantis Black d. Endgame via pinfall with five consecutive ULTRAMANTIS BOMBS – **1/2 – A HUGE win here for UltraManits Black.  Definately the best wrestling we’ve seen from this newcomer after his auspicious start.  If, in fact, this is the same person.  It almost seemed as if ULTRAMANTIS BLACK couldn’t believe his luck as he celebrated his win.  The crowd cheered him loudly as they would anyone who takes their hated Endgame down a peg or two.  ULTRAMANTIS BLACK grabbed his ever-present bottle of water and took a big sip and headed to the back.  ENDGAME began slamming his fists on the mat in frustration.

Rotunda d. Scorn via pinfall with THE FAT LADY SINGS – *** – Interference from THE DARK MENACE lead to the decision here.  SCORN had ROTUNDA beat before he got involved.  DARK MENACE wanted the win, but probably not the result.  After the bell rang, ROTUNDA started making eyes at DARK MENACE, who was repulsed.  ROTUNDA chased him all the way back up the ramp.  ROTUNDA will face SHE-DEVIL for the GWF WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP at BIG BANG.

Bex d. Gryt by submission with GROUND ZERO – ***
– GRYT put up a good fight but once BEX got him down on the ground, the match was over.  The crowd was going nuts for BEX and began chanting his name.  BEX, humbly, nodded and returned to the back.  BEX will go for the GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP at BIG BANG!

Paralyze d. UltraMantis Black via pinfall with PERMENANTLY PARALYZED – ** –
The Gladiator dispatches of the newcomer pretty handily.  Many speculate it was the point when THE LEVELER shot a bolt at ULTRAMANTIS BLACK’S water bottle at ringside and knocked it off the apron and into the crowd.  PARALYZE wins and retains his title.

And our main event for BIG BANG is set!  It’ll be PARALYZE vs. BEX for the vacant GALAXIAN CHAMPIONSHIP!  BEX suddenly appears at the entrance to the cheers of the fans and stares PARALYZE down as we…


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